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DataCave Sign Up screen

 Introducing our DataCave app


 How to manage Your Records

Your Records list can be

  • Categorised into multiple groups
  • Sorted into "Alphabetical", or "Date last seen" order
  • Auto filtered as you start to type the record name

Your Records can be

  • Accessed in seconds
  • Added
  • Edited
  • Printed
  • Deleted
  • Exported
  • Shared
  • Hidden
  • Viewed off-line
  • Located using voice recognition (VR)

Your passwords can be

  • Auto populated into websites / apps

Your Records page where you store your passwords

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 More for less

With a 1 year Free Trial Period, then only 99p a year, DataCave is the best value app of its kind and it also gives you all these additional features at no extra cost.

DataCave – additional features

  • Save any data you want.

  • Add multiple devices.

  • Back up and Restore to/from storage locations of your choice.

  • Export / share all or some of your records using PDF or CSV.

  • Optional Email alerts of DataCave activity.

  • Create any new field headings or data categories you need.

  • Delete your personal data immediately at anytime you wish.

  • Remote deletion of DataCave app in the event of lost/stolen device.

  • Zero Knowledge Protocol (DataCave cannot see your data).

  • Works online or offline

Trust, Privacy & Security

  • It is all your data, you can do whatever you want with it, whenever you want to – simple as that!

  • All data is encrypted and is only readable by you using your own access keys / passwords.

  • DataCave security will be independently audited and verified by a world recognised security company.

  • DataCave cannot ever access or see any of your entered data, only you can.

  • Your personal data is only ever stored on your own chosen devices and storage media.

  • Personal data is never held centrally or with anyone else's data.

  • No large central databases (so no data Honey Pots for hackers to target).

  • You can permanently delete all your data and the DataCave app any time you want to.

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1 year Free Trial Period, then only 99p a year

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