Video Guides

How-to video guides

Here you'll find links to our YouTube videos that provide some great tips and shortcuts when using DataCave. If you have questions about something we haven't covered then download the Telegram app and contact us through the DataCave community group.

How to Clone Templates in-app tutorial link

How to use the Clone Template feature to add a new record

The DataCave Clone Template feature takes adding records to a new level of speed and ease. Clone Template copies across the fields that you have in the original record, saving you the time of selecting each field you need in your new record. You can clone a record by left-swiping or by going into the record.

Link to useful shortcuts video guide

How to use Left Swipe as a shortcut throughout the app

You may know that apps often use a right to left swipe feature to reveal new options. DataCave provides a range of left swipe shortcuts in our app to make it easier and quicker to manage your data. Take a look at this How To tip video to learn more and see how much time you can save with our swipe shortcuts.

Link to video guide on how to set up DataCave AutoFill function

How to set up and use DataCave AutoFill on your device

AutoFill makes logging into websites and apps really easy and quick. It automatically inputs your login information. This How To video shows you how to set the feature up on your iPhone and an example of how it will make your life so much easier! No more looking up and manually typing the web address or your login information.

Video guide link for how to configure your records on DataCave

How to set up your records that you want to use for AutoFill

Using AutoFill with your web browser or app can be hit and miss. DataCave gets rid of the uncertainty about which field will populate: your login is not always your email address. So DataCave lets you add the login value you need, such as a Username or Membership ID, and tell DataCave whether to use it for AutoFill. We think you will find using AutoFill easier than ever and much more reliable. Why not try it out for yourself?

Link to video guide showing how to use DataCave to log into your online accounts without entering your username and password

How to use the Web Address shortcut and AutoFill to quickly log into your accounts

DataCave allows you to store the web page address in your records which you can click on to get to the login screen with one tap. When you combine this with DataCave's AutoFill feature, we think you'll find logging into your websites and apps quicker and easier than ever before.

Link to video guide on how to export your passwords and records to people you trust

How to use the Export feature to share your records

DataCave's Export feature gives users a quick and easy way to share those hard-to-remember passwords and other bits of data with your family, friends and colleagues. If you share your data in PDF format, you can password protect it for an extra layer of security.