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Password security blog post

11th November 2023

Top tips for creating a secure password to help you stay safe online

We all know that we should use different passwords for every account, and ensure that those passwords are easy enough for us to remember but difficult enough that a hacker can’t crack them. Most people will tell you that it is not really humanly possible to do both these things given the number of passwords that we all have.

Online safety for children blog post

19th December 2023

How to help your children stay safe and secure online

Growing up in a digital age comes with huge benefits for our tech-savvy kids, but it also presents new challenges for children and parents alike. Children are not equipped to deal with the consequences of online privacy and data security breaches, which makes it our job, as the responsible adult in their lives, to help them to keep themselves safe online both now and in the future.

Password tips for over 60s blog post

15th January 2024

Top password tips for over 60s

Passwords pose a challenge for most of us, but as some people get older, they are also faced with the additional challenge of memory retention. Being able to quickly and easily recall passwords and PINs for all your essential online accounts becomes even more important.

How a password manager could have saved me and my dad a lot of time one Sunday

23rd January 2024

How a password manager can be a lifesaver when replacing computers

My Dad is always on his computer, but when I bought him a new laptop for his birthday, the day slowly turned into a nightmare as we began unearthing all his passwords and PINs from multiple browsers and hidden scraps of paper. I later introduced him to DataCave and he couldn't thank me enough for how safe and easy it made finding his passwords and information - if only he had downloaded it sooner.

Image from the DataCave Password Security Survey

9th November 2021

Our Survey says ... passwords are a pain

In August 2020, we surveyed 1000 people who represent a cross section of people in Britain to find out what we all think about password security and how we manage it. It only took 39 minutes for our 1,000 respondents to agree and complete the survey! Clearly this is something you want to get off your chest. Find out what our survey said.