How a password manager can be a lifesaver when replacing computers

23rd January 2024
My Dad is in his early eighties and his laptop has been his best friend, especially during lockdown. Over the last 10 years, he’s used it to write articles for his local town magazine about growing up during the war and even to become the webmaster for his cycling club. During lockdown, he’s also discovered he can watch his favourite TV shows and is now a committed Netflix fan (he loves all the crime documentaries).

Everything has been going swimmingly well, so I thought it would be a great idea to buy him a new laptop for his birthday, as his one is old, slow and the screen keeps turning on and off. I’m reasonably savvy with PCs so I was confident that I could get him set up on his new one and he would love the speed and reliability of a new and much lighter laptop.

Unfortunately, I hadn’t considered the challenge of getting all his accounts to work on his new PC. I hadn’t counted on Dad not having a reliable record of the logins to several Windows accounts on his old laptop, and then finding that he did not save passwords in his browser as he felt it wasn’t very secure. For some reason he used three different browsers and only Chrome had some logins saved, plus he had three different email accounts (thankfully he had the password to the main one) and lots of old programs for things like photo and web page editing (but he couldn’t remember his account details).

If only Dad had used DataCave, it would have been so much quicker and less stressful. Well, he does now - lesson learned! I got all his data across and set him up on new programs with new account details, all recorded in DataCave too. He is now using the Chrome Password manager but keeps a record in DataCave too – always good to have a back up as he still isn’t completely comfortable with autofill on his browser.

He’s got his Windows accounts set up and his PIN details are safe in DataCave instead of on sticky notes in his diary. We’ve even put his bank details in DataCave as he really didn’t want to save them in the browser and use autofill.

Now he feels his data and passwords are much safer than before and is enjoying his newfound freedom surfing the web with speed and comfort. DataCave is his buddy in his pocket, just a thumb print needed to access his passwords, which he loves for its ease and security.

Thinking of helping a loved one upgrade their computer, laptop or tablet? Set them up on DataCave like I did and take away the anxiety of forgetting passwords and PINs. It’ll be the icing on the cake.

DataCave - Instant Password Recall.

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